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Direct Mail Calculator

    Find out how much mail, email or outbound calls you'll need to send in order to forecast your next direct marketing campaign.

    Example indicated shows that if a 2% response rate is expected, and you want a 95% Confidence Level that the next mailing will achieve the same result, then 18,865 mailers are needed to send as your test size.

    Enter your own estimated response to calculate test quantity
    Enter Your Expected Response Rate%
    Confidence Level (See Note 1 Below)
    Error +/- 10% (See Note 2 Below)%
    Click Result for Mail Sample Needed

    Note 1: Enter the level of confidence desired in your test results. How many times out of 100 do you want to be able to rely on this test for a rollout? An 80% confidence level would mean that you could have a 1 in 5 times chance of being wrong! Enter 1.96 as a generally accepted 95% confidence level. Or enter 2.576 for a 99% confidence level, or 1.645 = 90% or 1.282 = 80%.

    Note 2: This is set to calculate a +/-10% allowable error in your actual test responses. In the example provided, a 2% response with a 10% allowable error = .02%, which allows for a response rate as low as 1.8% or as high as 2.2% in order to maintain the confidence level needed in the test. However, you could enter .01% (5% of the expected 2% response rate) if you wanted only a +/-5% allowable error on a 2% expected response.

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